Janice Charles — Favour lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Favour" by Janice Charles.


Some people asked me why I always have a smile on my face,
I tell it’s a reflection of your joy, your love and saving grace.
When I think of the good things you have done for me,
Even though I don’t deserve them but,
You still lavished them down upon me, and that’s Favour.
Your favour is upon me hallelujah, your favour, is upon me Lord,
Your favour is upon me hallelujah, your favour, is upon me Lord.
Favour, favour, is upon me is upon me Lord
Favour, favour, is upon me is upon me Lord.
I am blessed and highly favoured cause
You mind is filled with thoughts of me.
While I was yet a sinner Jesus came,
Who died arose again to set me free.
Now I belong to him and all things work together for my good,
Surely his goodness and mercy shall follow
Me all the days of my life, aint that Favour.
God has smiled upon me,
There is no limit to what he has instore for me,
His favor never runs out I have his blessings abundantly.
He is the answer to me problems
Restores my fortunes fulfills my dreams
Brings me into a new season,
Look what the Lord has done for me and that’s favour.