Jakob Dylan — Stardust Universe lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stardust Universe" by Jakob Dylan.


In a world full of pretty things
You carry out only what you bring in Square your shoulders
Lift your pack
And lay your feet back down on the track
This is the part where you may want to give in And I will remind you that we both once said
We were born to stumble and to learn
In a stardust covered universe
We demand the impossible
And tomorrow is earned
Empty apartment, rumbling trains
Eastside village looking good for its age
An ounce of pleasure so quickly became
Another morning with a pound of pain
This is the part where you will say nothing’s wrong
I will remind you that you will be strong
We were born to struggle and to yearn
In a stardust covered universe
Where you will find troubles
But you will not be the first
As you travel the white line, stripping the gears
Eyes on the dashboard, hands on the wheel
Running away like you do You’ve got to slow your engines
When God is in pursuit
Under a streetlight I call your name
It’s only darkness, it’s not that late
Now stop your sleeping, pull the blinds
And pour your future in this cup of mine
This is the part where you will dig your heels in And build a tower where your sadness is You were born, and soon you will return
From a stardust covered universe
Where the end is certain
But it will not be rehearsed