Jake Scott — Still Small Voice lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Still Small Voice" by Jake Scott.


I’m an old soul and I have been here for a long time
And I’ve seen your face a thousand times
But I wouldn’t mind once more
Once more
I’m the bed of creek out of season
And I’ve grown dry
Where water once flowed, let it flow
Oh, let it flow once more
Once more
I’m the eyes of a desperate child all day long
All I want to find is someone who wants me
And I am the song on the lips of the weary soul
Singing Hallelu-ujah, hold me close
I’m the ear of a man and I’m weary of the same sound
I’m still ringing, but I am ready for that song to come back
Oh, back around
I am the calloused hands reaching out
I can’t feel a thing, I’m starting to doubt
If holding on is worth so much pain
But I tighten my grip as I’m screaming your name
And I am the sound in your head that makes you see
I will steal your breath and I will bend your knee
And I am the sigh in your throat breaking out
With a swelling of the chorus all around
Singing Hallelu-ujah, hold me close
Hallelu-ujah, hold me close
Singing Hallelu-ujah, hold me close