Insurrection — Twitch lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Twitch" by Insurrection.


Embalm the fair, exhume the just
Judge not to care return to dust
Guilt and corruption defile our helpless, dead justice
All those in need dumped in the ditch
Sown is the seed, just flick the switch
Order buried, slain by the rich
Covered in greed, begins to twitch
Lost equity eye for an eye
Jail time will be, a post mortem twitch
No need to see, eye for an eye
Court entity, a post mortem twitch
Personified, the glorious body now so lifeless
The righteous severed head
And thus they lied, the broken remains of a goddess
Jail time is just, the clumsy motion of the deceased
Moving long past the end
In death we trust, the carcass crawling black with disease
Dispersed across the land
Tipping the scale
Tipping the scale
Tipping the scale
Hammer will smash down on her bones
Full system crash led by the drones
Rigor mortis grips the spastic hand that holds the sword
Treachery stabs blindfolded wench
Covered in scabs, cursed with the stench
Over the corpse, feasting jackals are all but grieving
Truth requiem, fair maiden knows
Along the stem, thorns for the crows
Laid bare to see, eye for an eye
Innocence takes the stand, facing greed in judgment
Shriek as a plea, eye for an eye
Salvation in her eyes but process destroyed beauty
Equality, eye for an eye
Necessity, eye for an eye
Beaten and torn
The strings attached to set in motion
So she was made to serve
Alone we mourn
Honor and truth now just a notion
Punishment we deserve
Judgment has passed
The gave! swings upon the hapless
And nothing will remain
Cruelty will last, crushing the will of all the helpless
And it’ll stay the same
Tipping the scale, tipping the scale