Insurrection — Set The World On Fire lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Set The World On Fire" by Insurrection.


When the world stops turning
Look around you
In the social rubbles left by the machines
Or the system; forced the onslaught-it never ends
Never too late to get things right-burn it all to ashes
And then start a new chapter (but)-first you must
Set the world on fire
See the state of things; vomit in disgust in disbelief
How it got this way-pure apathy, human nature
What’s leading the crash? money, delusions, paranoia
No more time for words-act by yourself
When the world starts burning, look into the pyre
That you started, you become the cleanser of corruption
All this pain, all these lies
Lead to rage, reason dies
In excess the flames rise
What was build-sacrificed
See the wall? the end of the line
Set the world on fire
When the world starts rotting
And the twisted scent of destruction
Starts to fill the air as the flames engulf the pillars
Of a crumbling system fuelled by discontent
Conflict is the fuse that awaits an insurrection to burn
Now you shall
Set the world on fire, set the world on fire
Patience drawing thin
Lash out retaliate revolution
Rebellion is near
Hate and outrage threaten to burst
Know your cause is just
Believe in the flame of the people
Better served yourself
Make it all burn
When the world starts dying
Look into the eye of the beast
Suitcase monsters, necktie liars
Tempers flair fuse ignites
Now you see burning bright
All can see by the light