Insane Clown Posse — The Kreayshawn Song lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Kreayshawn Song" by Insane Clown Posse.


Crazy Kreay Kreay
You know, I thank you for doing that song with us
I really do
And every time I hear it
Every time I hear your voice
I just wanna bang that shit out backwards
I’m not gonna lie
But still, girl. I’m steppin'
It’s true, bitch
Kreayshawn, it’s on. I won’t front
Straight the fuck up, can I hit that… blunt?
My way of saying let’s kick it
My shit’s explicit. My dick you kiss it
Gobble, lick it, terrific it tastes
in out of your face
So you like chicks? I’ll dick some with ya
Hit ya, split ya, Twitter the pictures
Get ya wet as an ocean
Skeet in slow motion. Pump out the lotion
It’s my notion to cause a commotion
Blow your whole neden frame out, (Boom) explosion
Big wicked clown, my dickin' is drastic
My only hope? You’re frickin' elastic
It’s fantastic you like it rough
What up? I’ll throw this dick at your butt
Kreayshawn (Kreayshawn)
I wanna hit that
My penis (Penis)
We wanna split that, I know
«I'm pretty sure you’re a lesbian»
But still, can I hit that shit?
I fuckin' love your shit, that Gucci Gucci (Uh huh)
It make me wanna smooch your coochie
Lookin' at you, I’m the only thing missin'
Your neden all on my breath when we kissin'
Baby, I’m blunt. I’m not dissin'
Battle me, you’ll meet a mortician
Fuck around and get kicked in the puss
I know some deadly ninjettes. Don’t push me
Tushy probably tastes like Sweethearts
And Swisher Sweet blunt smoke mixed with farts
But what do I know? I speculate
What up with a shot of head before the date?
And again when it’s over, slip up the slide
Top it off first. Don’t just stick it inside
It’s all in your eyes. When you high, you freaky
Plus you a dyke, so it’s tight and squeaky
Yeah *laughs*
Kreayshawn (Kreayshawn)
I wanna hit that
My penis (Penis)
We wanna split that, I know
«I know you probably got some little weakling-ass boyfriend»
But still, can I hit that shit?
You know, I’ll dick you down like I’m King Kong
And you, just a sweet little fawn (Aw)
With a mini skirt on, no panties
Next to you, your girls all look like trannies
Seen all your nudie pics freak online
Let’s take some new shit with big me behind ya
I’ll say Kreay, (Hey) meet big wang *boing*
Whip it out, and then you like «Dang!»
Kreayshawn (Kreayshawn)
I wanna hit that
My penis (Penis)
We wanna split that, I know
«Don't be scared of my dick. It’s alright»
But still, can I hit that shit?
Yeah. Write back soon
But keep it on the low
Shit, my baby’s mama will kick my ass
Kick your ass, too
We can do another song together, though
That’d be dope
Unless you trippin'