Insane Clown Posse — Mountain Girl lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mountain Girl" by Insane Clown Posse.


I was wanted in town for a serious crime
Packed up for the hills started farming swine
When I potted sweet miss Caroline
Fuck Micheal and Paul the girl is mine
We made love in the barn on a pile of dung
She had a meth issue I was wild and drunk
But was love L-O-V-U-E
I hit it with a pitchfork now you do me
Yeah we experimented our love was cemented
She said we was forever and I figured she meant it
Until Caroline decided to spill
She was promised to another, her cousin Bill
I’m standing there thinking this wasn’t real
Ripped out my heart how does it feel
She left me for dead a buzzards meal
I all but gave up that was until
Soup cans was tied to the back of his tractor
About to get hitched he couldn’t be happier
Shotgun wedding I brought the shotty
Caroline ain’t mine, I’m poppin' everybody
-thats right y’all right then and there J staked his claim on sweet miss
By way of shotgun I might add
And he took back the woman he loved
Together they ran off hand in hand
And he took back the woman he loved
Hand in hand into the wild mountainside
Cousin Bill wasn’t done he gathered a posse
Tried to act hard but his eyes were glossy
They had hound dogs, guns and torches
Family’s watched sat right on the porches
Tryna track us
Sure to find us and doon attack u
Me and Caroline paid it no mind
We was humping even though we had no time
She was too find
Pulled my nut boys out and she kissed them
I begged and pleaded we need to run
We ran to a main road and found a phone
I called Shaggy but he wasn’t home
Yes I was bitch why you lying
I came with the quickness I was flying
But no on shot us
Peeled off to freedom as they got dust