Insane Clown Posse — Fuck My Dad (Richard Bruce) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Fuck My Dad (Richard Bruce)" by Insane Clown Posse.


You left our mom with 3 little kids without a dime of child support she worked
3 jobs for mad years too provide for us while you just bounced without never
looking back you aren’t even worth the anger but if I ever seen you again I
would just start punching you in your face until your teeth caved in just out
of respect for our moms
Dear dead beat dad, suck a fat dick coward
We turned out dangerous, and high powered
I thank god, you wasn’t around
To instill your bitchness, in our business
Faint memories, yeah I have some
A clear conscious, you don’t have one
What kind of heartless, fool takes off on 3 kids and a wife
(you soft)
Sorry rick, hope you like dick
Cause youll be sucking em in hell you prick
Don’t feel like you forgot some people
Look in the mirror, don’t you see evil
Left us for dead, never looked back
All that having in a father, you took that
Well fuck you, cause I never understood that
And if we ever cross paths imma react
Fuck my dad, fuck my dead beat dad
Punk bitch couldn’t hang in a ???
If your dads like Richard bruce, and you got something to say scream,
thanks for nothing bitch
Your own brother, tried to pick up the pieces
But saw nothing, but doom for these kids
And in the void you left, stepped in a satan
That has affected, our family now for generations
We still feel that, pain to this day
And im blaming it on you, for laming us away
No child support no help no care, where the fuck was you in our lifes
(no where)
That fucking blows my mind, I can’t ??? the bitch in you
I hope you hear this, and it sickens you pig no thanks to you bitch
I got a hottie ass wife and 2 beautiful kids
A family worldwide I ain’t doing bad, I hope your broke and alone
??? i swear to god ill be glad, eat a fist up you gutless bastard
Of a man if I meet you, im socking you its always been the plan
(Hook x2)
My dead beat dad, my dead beat dad
Mr.richard bruce is, a dead beat dad
Somewhere in Arizona, a prison guard
Figures, youd be a fucking pig in the yard (bitch)
Whoever you are, wherever you go
My family tree will always know, what a hoe Richard bruce is
Or is it rick you ain’t worth this beat bitch, you make me sick
(Hook x2)
He ain’t shit
Rick bruce
He ain’t shit
Rick bruce
He ain’t shit
Rick bruce
Thanks for nothing bitch
He ain’t shit
Rick bruce
He ain’t shit
Rick bruce
He ain’t shit
Rick bruce
Thanks for nothing bitch
Happy fathers day fucker