Inbreeding Rednecks — Eyes of Deception lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Eyes of Deception" by Inbreeding Rednecks.


Bow to the two legged demon
Born in a slow death butchery
Breeding them till a painful death
Satisfy the tongue of evil
We kill for the money
Left the body to waste
Serpent of the bleeding ignorant
Fill this world with greed and power
This is the world we represent
We walk around with eyes of deception
Why don’t we have a guilty conscience?
We are the two legged demon
Psychopath with no regrets
He makes them suffer, brutality
Made by the two legged demon
Floods of innocent blood
We are shaped by our thoughts
We become what we think
This is the world we live in
Why don’t we have a guilty conscience?
We kill for money
Its sad but true
Fuck your lies and may our world be doomed
Ripping the skin of the living animals
No mercy only bloody madness
An existing act that should not be
But we still don’t change
Bleeding thoughts trying to fill the emptiness
The gun in your mouth will be the last taste
Of a sick world You helped to create