Inbreeding Rednecks — Division Wreckage lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Division Wreckage" by Inbreeding Rednecks.


Filthy promises the leaders still make
Indifferent beings touched by insanity
Rules of misery is devastating
Turning this planet into a wreckage
You think you own this piece of land
Like the spoiled vermin you are
A disgrace to mankind, I pity the fool
Your greed, your funeral
Fear the unknown
Spiritualism you despise
Ready to shed blood in the name of God
Another excuse for another abuse
Divided we stand
Suffocating minds
Desperate cry
Circle of Annihilation
You make chaos reign
Cold hearted you rape Mother Nature
Relentless you kill your own kind
Devoured by your poison
Nothing but the devils whores… You Motherfucker!
The disease you speak; just
Another stone in the dirt
You’re doing your job now I’m doing mine
You lead the sheep, like vultures
Parasites hidden in water
Wearing the suit of lies
Signing papers with a wounded hand
I disagree; this is no way to be free
Taking comfort in pills, no more thrills
A dead stare, a brain that doesn’t care
Slave labour and your system is obsolete