In Other Climes — Passion & Heart lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Passion & Heart" by In Other Climes.


Ordinary people do fucked up things
When fucked up things become ordinary
The ones who care don’t know anymore
And the ones who know don’t care
I don’t give a fuck about what those people say
Do you hear me? I’m alive
Everyday was the worst day of my life
My friends became strangers with familiar faces
They said dude you’re losing your mind
She said goodbye I’m wasting my time
I tried so hard to find what was right
I’ve been thinking of you every nights
I wonder why the right words never come
I’m so scared of what I might become
Forever is the way I feel for you
Every question I ask is about you
It’s all gone to hell, but I just can’t explain
Why that feeling’s still rotting in my brain
Can’t believe what you’ve done to me
You stole my life, shattered my dreams
All that we give is a part of us
The way we live is passion and heart
My promises are not so empty
My intentions are not fucking dirty
I’m so scared of what I might become