In Other Climes — Live.Love.Learn.Lead.Leave lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Live.Love.Learn.Lead.Leave" by In Other Climes.


Another day trying to make another change
Another head in this teenage wasteland
Another night alone, another pill to sleep
The things I have can’t replace what is missing. I know
Live. Love. Learn. Lead. Leave
And all these late nights and early fucking mornings
Are making you so sick. Are making me so ill
Stay true. Stay you
Live for your friends your family and nobody else
Stay true. Stay you
Live for yourself and fuck the rest
Fuck the future. Get the fuck up
I’m fucking sick, sick of falling down
But I don’t wait anyone to save me
We are the empty bottles. We are the empty hearts
We are the empty fucking souls
Fuck the future. Time heals nothing
Everyday is a new day, don’t waste your time thinking about tomorrow
Everyday is a new day. So get the fuck up