In Other Climes — In a Blink of an Eye lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "In a Blink of an Eye" by In Other Climes.


Trapped in a world full of anger and greed
With society’s weight on your back
If you wanna survive by the rules that they made
Teeth should be sharp as a shark
All what you did was a waste of time
I’ll never be the one who left you behind
I always fought that we were so fine
Like every day I get my peace of mind
Ain’t got a job, Ain’t got a dime
I feel ashamed of myself, all the time
All that you see is a shame, a scam
I’ll flee this place, in a blink of an eye
A place to stay or a meal today
You could scream but nobody cares
Nothing to do, you can pray
You’re just a devil’s meal today
There’s no way to escape
Let’s burn this place down
My heart is full of hate, let’s burn this fucking place
I almost always pick the worst time to drop out the best lines
This life isn’t fine
There’s no place I call home, no place I call mine
I’m doing the best that I can but I’m ashamed of the person I am
It’s been fun but I must say goodbye
I’ll flee this place, in a blink of an eye
Flee together, slip, in a blink of an eye
You will die alone