In Other Climes — Dead Hawk lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Dead Hawk" by In Other Climes.


This is my life, this is my destiny
This is my life, this is my tragedy
My hand’s on my chest and your blood’s on my hands
My heart in my hand, waiting for the end
But only the dead have seen the end of this war
Forever war
This is a land of stress
Nothing can fucking save me from myself, not even me
This is the valley of the heroes and nothing can save me from this hell
My heart in my hand, waiting for the end
In the name of peace that’s the price to pay for this war
Forever war
With my boot on your fucking face you’re not going anywhere
With my rage running in my veins, you can’t going anywhere
Now I close my eyes, my heart speaks louder than a drum
Never look back, never think twice, everything comes to an end
So this is how it ends, I forgot all that we were
My eyes are slowly turning grey
Slowly turning grey