Iggy Azalea — Freestyle lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Freestyle" by Iggy Azalea.


Ya feel good?
I feel fuckin' hot
Tire monks… Tire monks…
Finish line with the fire monks
On the real A stop, turn the runaway train
Sheetin' on the pants
Got it spinning like a pastor Raptor. Basher.
Deer like Doe, like Dasher. Faster, Motor Mike faster.
He ain’t gotta get a bitch watch o’r the rapture.
White bitch go but I roll like a Wu.
Penthouse shit rooftop at the Wynn.
When I win when I when I win no when I win, I play good like Shinga
Hos on call. Got hos on call! To come through take a protocol.
Just damage it that’s my protocol
This many, uh, Australians on sauce and no camera.
I don’t care who you are.
No, Killer Mack, gotta give it to you raw.
Piss on point.
Gotta pass me a joint.
Gotta tweeze this beat.
I’ma spray my joint
Straight crack rock!
Raw to the pat-pahnt poon!
Nod to the Rap City, no Tigga yeah shawty do whatever I know naw digga.
It’s the motherfuckin' not.
It’s Iggy, not Jigga!