I Declare War — Alea Iacta Est lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Alea Iacta Est" by I Declare War.


The planet Mars is decaying to a frozen ball of waste
Inhabitants of Mars must flee their homes
The popular astronomer, Ogilvy, sees a flame explode from the surface of Mars
Ogilvy then invited me to his observatory
There I observed at midnight for ten consecutive nights
The same explosion from the planet’s surface
Days later, what appeared to be
A meteor, landed on Horsell Common
Ogilvy and I were the first to see
That the meteor was actually
A cylinder containing life forms
Bulky creatures with tentacles
Came out and began to build alien machines
The machines stood on three legs and were armed with heat rays
I had to take my wife to safety in Leatherhead
My one love has been separated from me
Because of these terrorizing machines
I parted ways with my family
In order to stop these alien machines
While traveling, I found a curate from Weybridge
He followed me into an abandoned house
That was almost crushed by a falling cylinder
The curate went insane and caused the Martians to find him
Taking his body, they drained his blood for energy
Escaping from the house, I saw that all the land was black and destroyed
But the aliens had died due to an Earthly bacteria
There is now hope for humanity