Hyper Crush — Vertigo lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Vertigo" by Hyper Crush.


Bad bitch dot JPEG
Rough ride, latex
Pop off, safe sex
Amen to the apex
Bad bitches break necks
Stop, hit the tape deck
Vertigo, so sideways
Stay in class, mind games
White boy dot JPEG
Get money, break bread
We turnt up, lace
Too loud and I’m brain dead
2013, that night wave I’m surfing
I dive in 'cause I’m thirsty
On the driveway, I’m swerving
Vertigo, vertigo go go go (x8)
Right click, save as
Download, data crash
New shit, same tab
Brain working like Rayman
Two cups in the same hand
Too much and I rain dance
Make a dove crowd, make a bird sing (?)
No mercy when I’m thirsty, uh
Nate night, word flow
Get that money, turn pro
Nails done, hair did
Everything done for the weekend
I sleep in when I pass out
Don’t throw stones in a glass house
Vertigo, hands out
Two steps and I black out
Vertigo, vertigo go go go (x8)