Hyper Crush — This Is My Life (feat. Lmfao) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "This Is My Life (feat. Lmfao)" by Hyper Crush.


When I hop on stage, they all wanna talk
One by one, they all on my jock.
Don’t be mad, which one of you is coming to my pad?
Okay, this is our everyday
Couple shots of goose, light the jay
I live life like a lush break in every way
Either the club or stage is where I play
And this whole thing is a game to me
I meet alot of girls from A-Z
This rad fool is the place to be Why you so pimp? 'Cause it pays to be Okay, drinkin' in the club
Okay, gettin' that groupie love
Okay, yeah we rock the spot
Okay, okay, okay we hot
Everybody (hey!)
It’s a party
I’m feelin naughty
Baybay this is my life
Now step, now step, now step
Now step, now step, now step
Now step now step and pop
Step to the left and catch your groove
Bring it back to the right, that’s what you do True, why you sassin' me?
Donny Fontaine, I smash the beat, girl
Call me Willis, I gotta death stroke
Right now, I aint tryin' to have a wife
You gotta understand, this is my life
I left the wife and the son at home
I partied all night now i’m ready to bone
What? I didnt know you had a kid?
I don’t but i gotta little big ass dick
Okay, drinkin' in the club
Okay, gettin' that groupie love
Okay, yeah we rock the spot
Okay, okay, okay we hot
We laugh our asses off
As we crush that soda pop
Hyper covers like no other
So just back up off
We make our beats in our garage
It’s our life it’s not a job
We’re the bomb and turn you on You’re so fresh and you’re so wrong
Now step
It’s a party
I’m feeling naughty
Baybay, this is my life
Life ife
This is my life.
Yupp I’m a maniac
Bringin' the best of the 80's back
Whoah, rock the party yo Workin' it out like cardio
Yupp, we gonna get all types of freak-ay
Any special requests? I’m the bedroom DJ
Gotcha ass out of breath just like a relay
You freak so good I put your ass on Ebay
I walk in the club like a million times
I spit on the mic with a million rhymes
I’m in that b-boy stance
For preston rock that beat you dance
Rock that beat that dance
Rock that beat you dance
R-r-r-rock that beat you dance