Horslips — King of Morning, Queen of Day lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "King of Morning, Queen of Day" by Horslips.


With your face to the wind
You’re beginning to think of a new life
And you pull tight your cloak 'round your throat
And the wind seems to sing
Though we’re both on the run from a place in the sun and it’s raining
And there’s strangers and dangers and darkness
We’re still going to win
So don’t you cry, don’t you fear
Wipe away each lonely tear
If I were king of morning and you were queen of day
We’d love all summer long together
Love would find a way
If I were king of evening and you were queen of night
We’d pass the time in pleasure
We’d love until the morning light
If I were king of morning and you were queen of day
You would love me
As the rain starts to fall, I recall how it was
In the good times
When the sun seemed to shine
And the wine was a gift from above
But I know that the day’s on the way
And it’s bringing the sunshine
So sing me a song, make it long
Make it all about love