Hannah Marcus — Stripdarts lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stripdarts" by Hannah Marcus.


When you got clean you took your loot
And sunk it into dragon fruit
You sunk it into dragon fruit
So now you have to become a desert farmer
You cover up the rows with tarps
So let the brutal sun won’t scorch their tender hearts
This desert heat is like a knife
It cuts right through the layers of your life
And in this desert there’s a bar
Where every afternoon they all play strip darts
I see you in the corner drinking water
Hey, I’m sorry that I read your diary
But you sure loved that girl it seemed to me
The things I read, the things you said
I never even said
I never even said
I never ever said to no one
But just when you think your love’s in vain
Look out here comes the desert rain
Look out here it comes