Handsome Foxes — You Really Dicked Your Way Into This One lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "You Really Dicked Your Way Into This One" by Handsome Foxes.


I’m putting on the war paint
You got me at «A Loss For Words»
I see you as a character flaw
I see you as a pretty face
I spent too long trying to find a way
To describe a feeling
But you will never learn girl
I’ll make you leave this city
No I see, we were playing pretend
Make believe
I should’ve listened to my friends
Leave me alone
And leave the past in the past
Leave me alone
I’m glad we didn’t last
I know it hurts to think
I’m getting along well without you
But I am
So keep my name and friends out your mouth
If you can’t remember
Write this down
Move on back to Neverland
If you think you can fly
With your «wax made wings»
Icarus will show you how high
I don’t mean to be so harsh
Well, yes I do
I don’t care about seeing you happy
I just don’t want to see you