Handsome Foxes — Green Skirt Ambition lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Green Skirt Ambition" by Handsome Foxes.


Goddamn I’m glad I met you
I’m just being honest
And goddamn I’m glad he left you
I’m just being honest
Let my words keep you warm
Just like a sweater
Though they can’t change the world
I mean every letter
How it feels to touch you
With your skin like porcelain
You’re ambition in a green skirt
And make me want to be a better man
I know this voice of mine won’t fill a stadium
I just care how each word will fill your heart
We’ve gone so far
And we’re left with our eyes wide open
In a world of glass you’re painted red
All I can do is say
«Goddamn, I thank you for being so strong»
'Cause you’re so sweet
You keep my head above the water
You’re so sweet