Halfway To The Moon — Re-Witness lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Re-Witness" by Halfway To The Moon.


Excuse my manners, I have jumped the gun again
My name is Thomas and I have promised to let you down my friend
Who I am is made of lies, I’m a man who needs disguise
Don’t give in to much you will lose yourself in me
Leave yourself back at the door
Where you’ve been is nothing more
Than this illusion, a fake conclusion
How do you plan to survive?
When you’ve lost your sense of time
This is nothing but the day to day for me
Switching lives and changing names is how I breathe
I took pieces from you
While you stared down at the ground
Introductions are better left rehearsed
My name is Simon and I have timed this to find you all a cure
Close your eyes, control your breathing
I’ll keep your trust if you believe me
My biggest fear is that you’ll end this life and find me fast asleep
Lay your body on the floor and realize your life is nothing more
Than this illusion
A fake conclusion
Tell me stories about home, when you were young and full of hope
I am just a saint who’s all alone