Gwydion — Veteran lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Veteran" by Gwydion.


The last to fall, the first to call
Veteran! Veteran!
Founder of cities, protector of lands
Veteran! Veteran!
Ode to longevity, ambassador of survival
Compelled by reflections of life
Perceive its equations as a whole
Made a warrior by his own merit
Built on the foundation of limitless audacity!
Passion for discovery, knowledge and control
Repelled infesting turbans,
driven by feverous cross
This is the story of our land!
This is the tale of a veteran!
Deeply lined farsighted eyes
Pierce, through convincing lies
And if he’s told to believe in them
He outlines a cynical smile
Born early, a premature child
Keen to war (no baby cries)
Ready to confront the raging vile
In his crusade for independence
Veteran! Veteran!
From mountain peaks to vast shores and seas
He wrote his fate
Led armies towards their native soil
From mountain peaks to vast shores and seas
He wrote his fate
Drove sultans to their native soil
Wake up from your well deserved rest
Concealed for eras
Dire threats have erupted
From below a perverse mantle
Not stirred by weapons of wood and steel
That you know only too well
But by greed, ignorance
And delirious cravings
People are demoralized, helpless
Raise a flag, lead the way
Summon your unshakable determination
Remember who you are
All the challenges you overcame
Although the flesh may have softened
Your bones will never break
And they’ll beat the test of time
And resist until the end!
Veteran fight once more
Resist until the end!
Lead the way, raise a flag
Resist until the end!