Gutslit — Maze of Entrails lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Maze of Entrails" by Gutslit.


ome now my child
Let’s go for a joy ride
Around slopes and valleys
Along rivers and streams
All flowing down the tract
Down your intestines
With walls filled with pussand worms in a cluster
Feeding on the live flesh
Inside your feeble chest
Slowly down we go…
In your torso …
around thee
Through your mouth and throator through your nasal door
Lets go down the oesophagus
Right like a bolus would
In the acidic juices of your stomach
We float like meatballs It’s like a wave-pool
Bathing in sacred juices of digestion and burns
Sliding down the pancreas
We gonna twist and turn
Right in the transverse colour, into the intestines…
This is where I shall, building little home
With cute baby worms feasting on the inside
They play along the colours, in this maze world
My little angels they won’t do any harm
They will just suck a little of you at every dawn
As I see this beautiful world
Of blood everywhere…
every wall
Drenched in oozing puss…
The sweet maze of entrails
Ulcers from inside as they burst
Letting it to heal is not what we do best
Contraction of Ileum and Jejunum
Colourful twisted Spleen and Rectum
You pass Stools of blood
Oops Sorry we couldn’t keep so much packed up
Beat yourself cause we ain’t going anywhere
Cut open your stomach and you’ll see there
The maze is twisted as my mind
We just feed, on your pain more than flesh
Eaten from within, you’ll feel every second
Slowly as we dig, deeper within
Your brain can’t but just feel the pain
The churning in your stomach deep within
We aren’t in a hurry ourselves
We have a lifetime of time to spend
The longer you live, it’s good for us
We shall give you company till you’re laid to rest
In your grave also we shall keep your trust
Along the twisted maze we shall feast
Your tomb marks just the beginningan infection down everyone’s throat
The gut feeling in their stomach
It’s just us and they don’t just know