Great Apes — Yellow Ribbon lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Yellow Ribbon" by Great Apes.


I can’t support
One single troop
When the organs splinte
R it’s never done in truth
It’s all profiteering — colonial spawn
Not a lack of education
Or ignorance’s bliss
You sign the line you gotta know…
I’m not naïve enough to think we can do without, but…
Until our forces are as small as can be
And until we save more lives than we take
I won’t fly your yellow ribbon stained red
Hail to the heroes — harbingers of death and terror
There’s no threat to protect
Freedom’s just a word that blindly holds their faith
There’s no threat to protect
I’m not proud of where I’m from
Patriotism bleeds supremacy
When we start thinking like global citizens
They’ll be no need for militarism