Gov't Mule — Forsaken Savior lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Forsaken Savior" by Gov't Mule.


How does it feel to wake up in all your glory
Maybe you can recall that feeling now
Block out the memories of what happened overnight
Pretend that people aren’t rioting in the streets
Pretend they didn’t instill you with fear
Foresaken savior, where do we go from here
Do you have your sights set on another journey
Or is it finally time to throw in the towel
Are you scared the world will never sing your praises
Do you bury your head in the sand
Do you step up and take it like a man
Foresaken savior, it’s all in your hand
If you find your way back to reality
I think you’ll find it really hasn’t changed that much
Foresaken savior, foresaken savior
Maybe you’re out of touch
Isn’t the whole story that you don’t stop
Never stop believing in the message
We’d all be king if it were easy
But so few can take the pressure of the truth
So few can just refuse to fade away
Foresaken savior, where do we go today
Foresaken savior, foresaken savior
Maybe it’s time to pray