Giggs — Tick Tock lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Tick Tock" by Giggs.


Tick tock, man’s tip top
The fed’s rolled up, they got tipped off (snitches)
The door came off, it got kicked off
Man’s pit stopped, shout Fix Dot
You punk’s can’t fill a man’s big socks
Fat pussy rubbing on a man’s dick top
Rottweilers commands big dogs
Jog your memory, that’s a wig job
Fuck these niggas, yeah they doubled up
Man’ll double bust the niggas then we double clutch
Big toys, rubber ducks
Yeah that ugly motherfucker gotten bloodied up
These youths getting muddled up, cause I fresh E dug it up
Knew that a crip was getting dropped when I dug it up
Guess all the niggas in the trap weigh them druggies up
Smash all you futilies of rap and you doubled up
Tick tock, tick tock (x3)
Tick tock, man’s tip top
Tick tock, tick tock (x3)
Tick tock, man’s tip top
Tick tock, yeah the clock’s ticking
Make your block jump when the Glock’s spitting
And now the other nigga’s standing on the block with him
He’s with the director for a box fitting
Soft little niggas get dropped with him
Macs ring-a-ding and non-stop rigging
But the strap got all sticky, wouldn’t stop clicking
If you hold this shit up it would stop sticking
Take them watches off
Lay them watches flat
Want them pockets empty where the profits at
Niggas ain’t sleeping but where them coffees at
Running up the steps nigga Rocky’s back
My nigga Jud wherever Foss is at
My nigga Rocks, I’ma posse that
Coming to America on my Joffy Jaff
Got that blueprint flow for a copy cat