Giggs — Coming For Me lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Coming For Me" by Giggs.


Man’ll ride if a couple niggas died with it
Roll up on them niggas what time is it
'45 and ain’t looking to be kind with it
Nigga’s rib got a bullet through the side of it
Had his ting but the nigga took his time with it
When the Mac sprays nigga I ain’t timing it
Did it bait, wasn’t even on disguise in it
Man’s rising it
Second chapter God gave a man a second try
They caught me at the lights other side of Peckham right
With my second gun charge for the second time
I was stressing like nigga this my second strike
Can’t judge a story without the second side
Let me take it to my world nigga step inside
All the steps in life nigga went and jeopardised
Nigga this the realest shit, better recognise
When the truth hits, this is true shit
They say damn Hollowman, man the dude spits
Got the cap on and the shoe fits
God damn it man the yout’s sick
I got niggas in the game and they suffer from it
Niggas died, other niggas don’t recover from it
Looking out trying to spot that undercover coming
'cos they want to grab him and see what they can recover from him
Man they coming for me (x8)
Man’ll ride and that trust me man’ll die for that
When I get the lowdown man’ll dive on that
Call it rivalry trust me get your rival bat
Get the AK nigga man’ll rifle that
Jump out on a nigga man will spider that
Want to ride on a nigga get your driver clapped
I see dope fiends in the trap cry for crack
Come short with the change and get a fly for that
Possession with intent I got tried for that
To get my life back had to go to trial for that
Had to wait a little while for that
I was house Block 4 where them lifers at
Murder, my nigga Jimmy got life for that
On the yard couldn’t look into his eyes for that
But he told me it was cool and I smiled for that
Anything he needs I’ma make the time for that
I love my little brothers man I worry for them
They keep it gully for me so I keep it gully for them
In these cold times want to keep it sunny for them
If a nigga jump out of the pram here’s a dummy for them
You people couldn’t understand how mad this life is
All the losses and the sacrifices
It’s from the bottom of my heart didn’t have to write this
So I don’t give a fuck you don’t have to like it