Focused Minds — My Choice lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "My Choice" by Focused Minds.


Exiled, sepereated, made different from the rest.
Falling, failing, sunken feeling in my chest.
Stranger, lost, but I’ll keep moving, looking for a world where I’ll stop
Look down on me, cause you can’t see, that life exists behind your reality.
So I’ll keep moving, fuckin' pavin' my way, find existence in nothing,
while you slip away.
Hey fuck you man, I’ve made my choice.
The questions I seek the life I desire, if I’m looking for answers then I’ll
light the fire.
Cause I’m out of your reach and I’m out of your radar, out of your way,
living life for the better.
I went to your schools and I learnd your lessons but the more I learned the
less that burdened the lessens.
Say what you want you have your voice, but at the end of the day I’ve made my