Focused Minds — Intro / Pay the Price lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Intro / Pay the Price" by Focused Minds.


The fact remains!
Bred for change but you won’t pay the price, forward progress that’s the
Waste away, that’s a stagnant life.
This world is broken, it’s time to do what’s right.
Given a gift it’s the power of thought, an avenue for change often so highly
Mindless drones muttering filth, ideas so empty lacking substance and wealth.
It’s pointless, we’re trying.
No convictions, you’re lying.
The change this world needs, corrupted by what your hate breeds.
Take a look a mic is in this hand, mouth piece for change, I’ll scream as loud
as I can.
Defy your rules, until I can not stand.
Curse your words until I can no longer stand.