Fobia — No me Amenaces song lyrics and translation

The page contains the lyrics and English translation of the song "No me Amenaces" by Fobia.


Somos seres exoticos
En su concepto estetico
No somos muy fanaticos
De la cuestion politica
Uy, no sabes que miedo me da Que me condenes sin piedad
A tu supuesto infierno
Asi que no me amenaces
Con tus ojos
Asi q no me amenaces
Asi q no me amenaces
Con tus negras intenciones
Se creen seresmagnificos
En el espacio cosmico
Son personajes cosmicos
De una historia patetica
Uy no sabes que miedo me da Que me condenes a quemarme
En tu supuesto infierno
Jiji: D fobia rocks!

Lyrics translation

We are exotic beings
In its aesthetic concept
We're not very fanatical.
From the political question
Oh, you don't know how afraid I am that you condemn me mercilessly
To your supposed hell
So don't threaten me.
With your eyes
So don't threaten me
So don't threaten me
With your black intentions
They think they are magnific
In cosmic space
They are cosmic characters
From a pathetic story
You don't know how scared I am that you condemn me to burn me
In your supposed hell
Jiji: D phobia rocks!