Flight Of The Conchords — Sugalumps lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Sugalumps" by Flight Of The Conchords.


I see ya girls checkin' out my trunks
I see ya girls checkin' out the front of my trunks
I see ya girls looking at my junk
Then checking out my rump, then back to my sugalumps
When I shake it, I shake it all up You’d probly' think my pants had the mumps
It’s just my sugalump bumb-ba-bumps
They look so good that’s why I keep em' in the front
All. the. ladies. checking. out. my sugalumps
They drive the ladies crazay.
All these bitches checking out my britches
put em' in a trance, when I wear track pants
My dungarees make them hungary
They’re over the moon when I don pontaloons
My sugalumps are two of a kind
Sweet and white and highly refined
Honeys try all kinds of tomfoolery
to steel a feel of my family jewlery
My candy balls cause a cafuffle
The ladies they hustle to ruffle my truffle
If you party with the party prince
You get two complimentary after dinner mints
Girls surroundin' me when I’m standin' on the stoop
Givin' me gifts like free chicken soup
book tokens, free chicken soup,
Standin' on the corner going
We see ya girls checkin' out our trunks
We see ya girls checkin' out the front of our trunks
We see ya girls lookin' at our junk, then checkin' out our junk,
then back to our sugalumps
Sitting in my store, doin' my thing
when a guy walks in with his dick in a sling,
I’m like «holy shit, what happened to you?»
He said «how much will you give me for the family jewels?»
I said «Ten bucks."he said «No way!»
«Ten bucks and a frisbee?"he says «O.K»
So I took his sugalumps and put em' up in a display,
and sold then as hacky sacks later that day.
All the ladies they want, a taste of my sugalumps
sweet sugalumps yeah
All the ladies they want a taste of my sugalumps
sweet sugalumps yeah