Flight Of The Conchords — Ladies of the World lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ladies of the World" by Flight Of The Conchords.


Two, three!
Ooohhh… ooooh…
Just wanna do something special for all the Ladies in the World
Oh yes
Just wanna do somethin' special
Ah For all the Ladies in the world
Is that possible?
And the gir-rls
Don’t forget them girls
Eastern Indochinian
Republic of Dominican
Outta sight
Amazin' ladies
Late night
Hard workin' ladies
Brainy ladies
Oh you sexy hermaphrodite lady-man-ladies
With your sexy lady bits
And your sexy man bits too
Even you must be in to you-ooo-ooo
All the ladies in the world
I wanna get next to you
Show you some gratitude
By makin' love to you
it’s the least we can do…
If every soldier in the wo-orld
Put down his weapon and picked up a woman
What a peaceful world this world would be-eee…
Redheads not warheads
Blondes not bombs
We’re talkin' about brunettes not fighter jets
Oooh Oooh it’s got to be Sweet 16's not M-16's
When will the governments realize it’s got to be funky sexy ladies?
I have a vision and all I can see
Is all of you with ‘a all of me In a world of peace and harmony
Where every lady gets a little piece of Bret-y
I’ve been to Paris, Wellington and Amsterdam
And a wham-bam, Merci, Danke, thank ‘a you ma’m
I don’t care if you’re ugly or you’re skanky or you’re small
Just wanna do a little something special for you all…
Just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world
Ahh… all the old ladies… all the cleaning ladies
Just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world
All the crazy ladies
And the girls
All the lazy ladies
And don’t forget them girls
Ladies… Ladies…Ladies…Ladies…