Flight Of The Conchords — If You're Into It lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "If You're Into It" by Flight Of The Conchords.


If you want me to
I can hang around with you
If I only knew
That’s what you’re into
You and him, him and you
If that’s what you’re into
Him hanging 'round, around you
You’re hanging 'round, ya you’re there too
And if you want me to
I will take off all my clothes for you
I’ll take off all my clothes for you
If that’s what you’re into
How 'bout him in the nude
If that’s what you’re into
In the nude in front of you
Is that what you’d wanna view?
If it’s cool with you
I’ll let you get naked too
It could be a dream come true
Providing that’s what you are into
Is that what you’re into?
Him and you in the nude
That’s what he’s prepared to do Is that the kinda thing that you think you might be into?
And then maybe later
We’ll get hot by the refrigerator
In the kitchen next to the pantry
You think that might be what you fancy
In the buff being rude
Doin' stuff with the food
Getting lude with his food
We heard that’s what you are into
And then on our next date
Well, you could bring you’re room mate
I don’t know if Stu is keen too
But if you want we could double team you
How 'bout you and two dudes
Him, you and Stu in the nude
Bein lude with two dudes with food
Well, that’s if Stu’s into it too
All the thing I’d do, things I’d do for you
If I only knew that’s what you’re into