Flight Of The Conchords — I Told You I Was Freaky lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Told You I Was Freaky" by Flight Of The Conchords.


Let’s make two life sized
Cardboard cutouts of our bodies
And then pose them
Into sensual positions
I’ll paint the wallpaper pattern
Onto your naked skin
Stand against the wallpaper
And get off like chameleons
I’ll flip some clips on my lips
I’ll clips some chips to your hips
I nibble chips off your hips
And watch the moon eclipse
I’ll go outside and get some leaves
And pretend to be a tree
You can be a squirrel
And store my nuts for me I told you I was freaky
He told you he was freaky, baby
You didn’t believe me Take that off
I told you I was freaky
Put this on Girl, I do this shit weekly
I’ll steal my roommates pillow feathers
And make some homemade wings
Gonna fly so high
On make shift pillow wings
Girl, can you believe we’re flying
On home made pillow wings
Oww, oww, owww, owww
I told you I was freaky
I told you I was freaky, baby
I told you, I told you
I was freaky baby