Fit For A King — More Than Nameless lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "More Than Nameless" by Fit For A King.


I will survive. I had it all figured out
A career, a future, I had no doubts
I was never a stranger to substance
I never thought it would end up like this
Watching the best of your life slip through your hands and pass you by Constantly reminded that you’ve clipped your wings and can no longer fly
Time wasted on hearts of stone and stares that cut my flesh
Please tell me there is more to this
Lift me up so I can see
Past the darkness inside of me Show me who I’m meant to be
I know that I’m worth saving
Lift me up, 'cause I’m worth saving
Show me hope and lift me up This is my cry
This is my cry, let me feel cared for
This is my cry. Let them see who I really am The world needs to know that I’m more than just failed aspirations
I am more than nameless
I’ve been spit on, I’ve been cast away
I am more than decay
You’ll never hold me down
Rise up. I’m not nameless
I was once a great man with so much to gain
But now you call me scum, with nowhere to turn
I don’t care what you say
I will pick myself up and survive today