Evan Black — That Old Sound lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "That Old Sound" by Evan Black.


I’ll chef it hot, deliver cold so you get it late
Then play it back like (uhh) Wait, let me demonstrate
I’m a beast, somebody better get a vet
And tell em that I’m so sick I only got a minute left
I’m nearly dying foaming at the mouth
Approaching the gates banging but they won’t subside and I’ma
Keep coming til they don’t deny
That I’m the realest to run it since Hov broke the silence
Climb your watch tower and blow your sirens
Cause I’m breakin' down walls killin' those inside em man
I’m polishing the stone, you see the clear cut
I’m fully gassed, shit these rappers is just gettin' gear up
Yo hit the needle I’mma leave this beat sprayed up
With King I on the assist, homie it’s a lay up
HOOK (x2)
We moving down the block with that old sound
Yeah we heavy on the drop, bout to go down
And we just tell em move it back (BACK)
Back (BACK) back (BACK) back (BACK) back (BACK) back (BACK)
And you ain’t heard?! You better turn it up
I got that certain something that’ll keep em talkin, got the streets burnin' up
And you ain’t heard enough! Cause I’mma say when I’m finished
I’ma make the decision to leave your face in pure disgust
Don’t get the verdict rushed, I’m only human
I’m only capable of the same things as you and
I’m doing a range of things, paving a lane in this music you can’t hang
(laughs) you’d be a lot cooler if you knew it
I’m just sayin', we’re all created equal
We’re all given the tools you can use to be deceitful
And maneuver through the people that are so fuckin' see through like
Why you playin' a pawn, what a pawn is what defeats you?!
Follow along, fuck it don’t I don’t really care
I’m nearly where my life’s an illusion like it ain’t really there
So I’m indifferent to this game, and I ain’t speakin' fair
I’ll creep up on you weapons drawn embalm you and just leave you there
HOOK (x4)