Esoteric — Save Ya Breath (feat. Joell Ortiz & Hindsyte) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Save Ya Breath (feat. Joell Ortiz & Hindsyte)" by Esoteric.


I am the meanest alive
Yes Wolverine has arrived
No other team will survive
Head or gut, we can’t decide
Nobody can equal my
Reach I am deep in Dubai
Why you hatin' from your hood?
Why would I even reply?
I don’t want people to die
I have been sent from the sky
I can make it happen dog
I am both lethal and fly
Esoteric, I do away with the foolish way
Make it more Freddy Kruger way
Mutilate ya then move away
I’m a pit, you a bouvier
Who’s to say I’m not loony Shay
Bring the Doom like I’m Dumile
I’m in black for your funeral
Let the bugle play taps
Hey just google my stats
And see an ugly ass assassin
With a beautiful axe
Mind quicker than an Apple Mac computer reacts
So if you choosin' to rap
Prepare for brutal attacks
I got aluminum bats
For these delusional cats
Blastin' their studio gats
With the stupidest tats
Say something I dare you
It’s okay to fear me
I should scare you
I was sent here to beast
I’m like a werewolf teeth
Designed to tear through meat
Be very careful creep
Cause if I hear you
You’ll be next on the menu
What you been through?
You’s a big sellout
All of my venues
I grew up duckin' number 2 pencils
Travelling at top speeds
Out of heavy metal utensils
You can’t survive without crime
You ain’t a warrior, you’s a Gloria
Here’s the secret Victoria
If we ever stood toe to toe, Victoria
Beat with a celebrate
Your other straight in Historia
Down on Brooklyn I’m a beat, you E G
Alien with the bars, I’ma lethal ET
My finger don’t glow
But when it pull, the barrel do
Sit yo ass in the crypt
Like you’re
We hang-glide through your window
If you download this album here
Then shoot the beats by Dre’s
Right off your fuckin' ears
I never click the spark
But you should live in fear
Tranquiliser darts will hit your heart
And then I’ll sip a beer
I got the right plan (yeah)
Me and my hype man (tell 'em)
We buildin' mic stands with lie detectors, iron fists
So any rap about your guns and clips
Traffickin', extortin', mass abortions
You’ll be hit with a right hand
Get out the booth please
You asked, you know I’ll squeeze ya neck
Until you can’t breathe (now you scare me)
You want revenge, come kill me
I’m prepared for trouble
I never live in fear surrounded by my body doubles
War is mental too, reverse psychology
Revert ya bangas
Straight from danger towards apologies
And desolate perceptions
Murder specialists, the introvert indefinite
With estimates of wrecks and