Emperor — Al Svartr (The Oath) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Al Svartr (The Oath)" by Emperor.


Hark, O’Nightspirit
Father of my dark self
From within this realm, wherein Thou dwelleth
By this lake of blood, from which we feed to breed
I call silently for Thy presence, as I lay this oath
May this night carry my will
And may these old mountains forever remember this night
May the forest whisper my name
And may the storm bring these words to the end of all worlds
May the wise moon be my witness
As I swear on my honour
In respect of my pride and darkness itself
That I shall rule by the blackest wisdom
I am one with thee
I am the eternal power
I am the Emperor
Winds and storms, embrace us now
Lay waste the light of day
Open gates to darker lands
We spread our wings and fly away