Emperor X — Erica Western Geiger Counter lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Erica Western Geiger Counter" by Emperor X.


With shaking hands
She held the coinage
Of a long-dead nation-state
It fell absorbed
Into the enclave
When we walked away
She went to sleep
Next to a boy
She scaled the walls
She learned to skate
She chiseled patterns inthe concrete
She brought shielding down
Hold my hand
Grow my skin
Slow my pulse rate
Ignore the sound of fire alarms
May we never hit that force field
Hold me up
Long enough
To feel the tractor beam
Out by the cobalt belt she ran
Calmed the toxic cutlery
Taking out
The Matthews Bridge
Was not an option for her
She had no para chute
No transit pass
No node display
Instead she broke into the garage
Procured a stolen Segway
And killed the trees
That she the retail grove
Hold my hands
Hold me down
While my limbs shake
We stayed awake
To watch the bloom
Of algae shudder and fluoresce
And foam and roll
While Coast Control
Laid down a substrate
I hung the latch key on your arm
Got up real quietly
And left
To find a base
To click force-quit
Collect and translate in batch
To non-compete
To acquiesce
To steal the seeds from incubation
To sprint back home
Return to bed correctly
And get breathed on
And get breathed on
And get breathed on