Embers In Ashes — Sorrow Scars lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Sorrow Scars" by Embers In Ashes.


I see the way you look at me
With desperate eyes
I hear the way you call my name
With a tremble in your voice
I don’t pretend to understand
All the pain that you’ve gone through
All I can do for you
Is offer up my hand
We’ve both seen this act before
How you played the victim
You gave your holes just like you bled
And you’re falling in
I see through your cheap charades
Sorrow Scars
Your broken heart
The past entangles you
You won’t let it go
Sorrow Scars
Your broken heart
Your pain weighs you down
You have to let it go
I understand you have your fears
And I’ve been there
I want to know why you stay here
Soaking up the lies
Still in this place of broken hearts
And shattered hopes and dreams
Even at this depth
There is forgiveness
Is never easy