Elyne — Syncretism lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Syncretism" by Elyne.


I have tried to give the colours
for every moment
but all that remains
are fears suspended in time
these times that are we waiting
is nothing more that a scream
to break this silence
i dreamed you there
you seemed like in top of world,
did you have fear of time?
Why are we here?
Nothing went as it should,
but we are all living
And maybe is only a dream,
dead and lost in silence
but i can’t breathe here
I bleed inside,
i have painted these white feather
that back in time
hold me in the deepness
cause we are like autumn leaves that need to change
dead is only the beginning
and if is not to late don’t let me fall
we are suspended in time
that we try to stay alive
and i feel these hopes die
and all these dreams are falling through,
we are all victim of this endless fate