Eleanor McEvoy — So Much Trouble lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "So Much Trouble" by Eleanor McEvoy.


She saw him standing in the jeweller’s across street
Through the window saw him choose
A silver locket with the ruby on the front
She’d seen it herself last week, just last week
She smiled and hid herself as he turned towards the door
And fondly watched him walk away
She felt so lucky to be blessed with someone good
Who’d buy nice things for her, just for her
So much trouble, so much trouble
So much trouble for the woman he loved
Her heart beat double when she saw the trouble
He’d gone to for the woman he loved
When he came home that night he hid the box away
Then came and kissed her on the cheek
He said he’d have to work 'til late on Thursday night
He asked her about her day, all about her day
When Friday morning came she opened up his drawer
The velvet box had disappeared
The silver locket with that ruby on the front
It hadn’t been for her, not for her