Dub FX — Hip Hop - Part 2 lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Hip Hop - Part 2" by Dub FX.


close your eyes now
i want to loose you
here s a message
it wont confuse you
open your heart now
and it eludes you
get to coin that
before it blows away
if i go into the ghetto
then you saved my day
i put it back in the box
standing for my g-box
i pay you back? shop
because im gonna swap…
…voices, now ima take you back to the old school
i ve got a rhythm like this
i am going to be your? fool?
i take a microphone, i put it in my hand
i blow through it and then i make you understand
im doing it live on the spot in the mix
i bring you like this this,
im selling my cd s, im getting you fixed
you take it home, you put it in your player
i understand im going to be your savior
bring back the melody
im going to be the only man to show
i pretend i got it inside of my mind
but recording it right here in real time
i do it this with effects pedal
? cause to the loop station?
and then i get my medal
for being the best on the side of the street
i bring it back with the people that alike to me
so bring it back
let me do it again
bring it up now
because im going to bring debate back in
let me put the sample all over the top so you will hear it
a sample all over the top so you gots to hear it
dont trip on that box
because you might hit your head on the floor
but then we got to do it again
so im letting you know
im going to bring back my flow
so i change my voice once again
to bring it back to the
im understanding ??
im bringing it down with octave-bender
as i pitch-shift, im understanding it
i ve got a man here with cd
only if you like it, come and buy it
its only a five
i take it now you wont be decieved
because im only going to be a liar on the microphone
im understading im getting in my own zone
take away the bass so i can start it again
let me do it one more time
and i ll be your friend
im just a humble mc
on the side of the street
making my own tunes with my voice and my feet
i bring it back all slowly
because im the one who s going to be the only one
so imma bring it back time in a new beat music