Drugstore — Little Girl lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Little Girl" by Drugstore.


Little girl
Your life has only begun
Little girl
Try to go out if you can you should try to have fun
So everything you wanna do gets a chance to be done
'Cos all you can want girl
Is under the sun
Little girl
Your life’s just starting to show
Little girl
Against every step there is always a step you don’t know
Now everything you feel inside is way under control
And all that you do girl
Becomes part of a show
Little girl
Life must come to an end
Little girl
Tried to be true but it all gets caught up in the end
And everything you ever wanted
Got stolen and bent
Nothing you do now
Will come back again
'Cos Everything you ever wanted
Stolen and bent
Little girl
Little girl
Razia, Nadjia…
D’you wanna ride my bike?