Dommin — Dark Holiday lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Dark Holiday" by Dommin.


Here we are in the shadow of night
As we surrender to temptation all right
Because I want what I want and I’m gonna get it And I don’t care where or how
Here we are on a trip to the moon
And this persuasion is just one to consume
So just taste just a little now.
I want a little bit of what’s been goin' around
Hang on I am here, making a dark holiday
I will bring you all out to play
Here we are, now tomorrow is gone
And I declare it with a decadent tone
I’m gonna shake things up a little now, I I want a little bit of what your givin' out
I sing with a smile
Cause I’m taking every mile
On the road to hell
On the way to my cell