DeMarzo — Original Mixtape lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Original Mixtape" by DeMarzo.


listen closely, this is for y’all that don’t know me
I’m gon infect every emcee and you gon believe my flow so sick
you see it as going through hell but I see it as a road trip
Dope mind big guns, FO’D’O we are about dope biz
I’ve got God by my side, so Mehn know this
I’m I’mma ripping and killing the beat till I eventually grow big
it’s your boy El Rhey, fine boy no pimple
I made a promise to myself I’mma rip the game in two
feel me? stand up, subconscious told me «Man Up»
When I get on the Mike they don’t ever forget to put their hands upsoon all
eyes on me like Kanye West shout out to my Nigger Wiz Manny eh
got respect for my boy Temz
you don’t want none of this Mehn so don’t text weit seems your a player girl
than I’m a referee
I love the fans from day one wey always send me