Deer Tick — Thyme lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Thyme" by Deer Tick.


Take your time, but if you waste it take mine too
I don’t mind, as long as you let me into your mind
My brain’s a hazy place these days
Take your clothes off, climb up into my bed
I’ll take your money, I’ll steal your oxygen
Can you see, all of my boundless treachery
I fell to zero (Zero), at least it must have been
You’re just a hero (Hero), I need a heroine
Unchained, black melodies gaining strain
I don’t mind, but certainly don’t mean to boast
But you’re divine, you got me feelin' comatose
My friend, I fear we’re drawing near the end
I watch the shadows (Shadows), they dance across the wall
I follow blindly (Follow), chased them down the hall
I see monsters in my periphery
Take your time (Time), but if you waste it take mine too
I don’t mind (Don't mind), as long as you let me into
Your mind (Mind), my brain’s a hazy place these days