Dark Funeral — The Secrets Of The Black Arts lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Secrets Of The Black Arts" by Dark Funeral.


Show me the secrets enshrined
The hidden source of eternal wisdom
That dwells within the abyss
Infernal majesty
Guide me in my eternal search
Lead me to the ancient empire
Of dark treasures that once were lost
Lord of darkness
I speak thy name
Bestowe me a vision
From the deeps beyond the flames
Share me the power
Enchant my darkened soul
Grant me the key
To the mysteries
Wandering alone in the hall of damnation
Enlightened by the reflections of the moon
As voices of the night calls my name
I enter the halls of blasphemy
Rites of ancient sorcery unknown
Since the darkest centuries of time
The hidden chambers reveals the past
Engraved in the archways in stone
Demon lord
The apocryphal king of the abyss
Reveal the unholy secrets
Unveil the source of hellish creation
Inferal majesty
I summon the infernal forces
Let the ancient flame burn
Lord — bring us damnation
I’m an enchanter
A disciple of the art aflame
In the depths of my heart
The sigil of satan engraved
Thou who possess the greather force
I’m thy faithful servant
The words of summoning I recite
Secrets of the black arts
Secrets of the black arts
Secrets of the black arts
Secrets of the black arts